One of the most common daily tasks is administration, unfortunately this often involves a lot and it is a huge time-consuming job. That is why we automate the administration tasks as much as possible. Thanks to special processes we automate the administration for you and we make it as transparent as possible for you, this saves you time and you have more focus on what is really important: your passion.

Schedule and plannerNice and clear

Schedule your lessons easily for your members. Depending on the assigned subscription and system setting, they will then be shown the lessons clearly in order to register for this. You have the possibility and freedom to easily set all your lessons one-off or recurring at your choice.

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Memberships and reservationsVery important

Memberships and reservations are practically the most important parts and are constantly connected. Within Fiteesy it is very easy to define a membership of your choice, to be able to assign it to a member. In addition, it is possible to give members more control because they can change, decrease or cancel their membership themselves.

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facturatie en betalingen

Invoicing and payments

Under control

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With third parties

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