Choose a plan. Grow faster with Fiteesy.You start with a 30-day trial period


For starting businesses

€ 99,95

/ per month
  • up to 150 users
  • All solutions


For growing companies

€ 174,95

/ per month
  • up to 250 users
  • All solutions


For bigger companies

€ 249,95

/ per month
  • Unlimited number of users
  • All solutions

Starting company? Eligible applicants receive all our solutions for just € 49.95 per month. More information

The following applies to our subscriptionsTransparent and without surprises

30-day trial period

Creating an account and creating a team is completely free. You start with a 30-day trial period and only after this period are you asked to choose a subscription.

Annual payment in advance

While most customers opt for a monthly subscription, we also offer an annual subscription. We offer a 10% discount when purchasing an annual subscription. For more information, contact our sales team.

Change at any time

We give the freedom to raise or lower the current subscription at any time. This can easily be passed on to us without any hassle and is directly applicable.

Cancel at any time

You are free to cancel our product at any time. In the event of cancellation, the subscription will be automatically canceled at the end of the current period. Ideal if you want to try Fiteesy a little longer.