AutomationWithout any hassle

At Fiteesy we apply the rule that something that is repeatedly performed manually and lasts longer than 90 seconds must be automated. That is why we focus on automation in order to break through the modern routine. While you keep more time, space and peace for other things within your organization, our platform takes the rest out of your hands.


You can save time by automating processes and handling data in a smart way. As well as using forms more efficiently. Simply send an invitation to a new member, if he is already a member of Fiteesy, he / she will receive an invitation to become a member of your environment. Ideal for owners and members.

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Payments and notificationsAlways up to date

One of the most important parts is payments, not only sending of invoices but also getting paid for services and/or products purchased. Fiteesy offers the possibility to automate this. Payments are automatic and both owner and member are kept informed about this.

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facturatie en betalingen

Invoicing and payments

Under control

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With third parties

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