IntegrationsConnect with third parties

By joining forces with other platforms, this makes entrepreneurship a lot easier, smarter and faster. This makes it possible, for example, to collect payments automatically and also process them. But it is also possible to be able to directly share all necessary data with your favorite accounting program, which means that we can take more of your bookkeeper’s hands off.

Payment Service ProvidersFinancial transactions today

By making use of payment service providers, payment and follow-up become a breeze. No more hassle with submitting requests to the bank. Create and manage mandates. Or keep an eye on when payment has been made. With the help of PSPs we have smart links that keep a close eye on this process and you are always up to date.

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Other smart connectionsDriven by simplicity

In addition to connections with financial and accounting packages, we also have other smart links that you don’t see very quickly. For example, during registration, platforms are used to request address data. But that does not stop there, we will continue to make ideal connections to you the choice which you use.

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facturatie en betalingen

Invoicing and payments

Under control

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